Business Thank You Notes

Business Thank You Notes

business follow-up thank you

Electronic mail, or e-mail, is a relatively new form of written communication in the business world.

Speed, ease of use and convenience are the primary advantages, while lack of privacy and security are its disadvantages. There are those in the business world who frown upon the use of e-mail
because of its informality: the number of errant e-mails involved in embarrassing situations for
employees can attest to the opinions that it is an inappropriate form of correspondence when used inappropriately.

Therefore, use e-mail cautiously and courteously.

E-mail Template to Thank Employee

e-mail to thank employee

Things to Keep in Mind When Using E-mail in Business

Smileys, or emoticons, are keyboard characters formed to create faces that express
emotions. I use them liberally to diffuse anger. =) Or to incite it. :p While some of the computer savvy find these expressions to be fun additions to e-mail correspondence, many others consider them to be just too cute for business.

Limit their use to recipients you’re sure won’t mind.

The use of acronyms and online abbreviations should be limited to familiar recipients, as well. Not everyone will be aware that IOW means ‘in other words,’ or that IMHO stands for ‘in my humble opinion,’ or that ‘pwned’ means that you’ve been had, baby.

Using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is inappropriate for e-mail communication. Shocker there.

Messages in all caps are much harder to read and indicate that you are shouting your
message. Use capitals to STRESS certain words, sparingly.


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