How to Appreciate Your Teacher -- Handwritten Note Examples and Ideas for Gifts Teachers Actually Want

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How to Appreciate Employees The following sample letters are designed to promote goodwill among clients and employees. Feel free to use the samples below or to follow the general outline for writing...

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Handwritten Notes

Handwritten Notes Increasingly Valued in the Workplace Handwritten Notes Are Not Dead! The personal, hand-written note is increasingly valued in the workplace. Going the extra mile pays...

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For Donation

Thank-You Letter for a Donation Thank-You Letter Template for a Corporate Donation Example 1: Corporate Donation to Public Organization / Library / Non-Profit Dear Mr. Howe: Your...

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Merit Raise

Business Thank You for Merit Raise Thank-You for the Merit Raise Memorandum TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Merit Raise I’d like to thank you for the merit raise effective June 1. I take...