Thank-You Note For Child Care or Daycare

Child Caretakers Need Thanks, Too

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Childcare, the highest calling (feels like it gifts the highest highs and the lowest lows). Thank your child’s caretakers with a thoughtful message now and again:

To Daycare Staff

Dear Ms. Sillia,

Thanks so much for making the After-School Club such a welcoming and stimulating place for Jill. Since you introduced her to word puzzles, she’s become a real whiz. And I’ve also noticed she’s much more interested in reading, thanks to some of the books you’ve recommended. Sometimes I even think she learns more at daycare than she does during school. That’s a very comforting thought for a working mother who misses being home in the afternoon with her daughter.



To Thank a Neighbour for Watching Your Child


Thanks so much for watching Ella after school these last few weeks while I conducted by job search. As we discussed, I didn’t want to select a daycare center and make permanent arrangements until I knew for sure whether we’d be staying in this neighborhood. Now that I’ve found a job so close by, I will, of course, enroll her in the daycare center down the street.

Your babysitting help gave me just the freedom I needed to schedule interviews and do the necessary networking research on the companies I wanted to approach for a job. I left home every day with peace of mind in knowing you would keep my daughter safe and happy. Please let me know when I can return the favour. I’m eagerly looking forward to that opportunity.

With gratefulness and appreciation,


Thank You Note for Your Child’s Babysitter

Thank You Note for a Baby Shower Gift

One-liner Thank You Notes
One-liner Thank You Notes


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