Various Thank You Notes for Interviews

Job Follow-Up Letters

Thank-you letters are critical to your job search success, but (the hopefully few and far between) job interviews are not the only occasions to send thank you notes for interviews.

If you want the work/life opportunity, then show that you value it.

If you’ve ever experienced helping or doing something for someone, and not receiving a thank-you, you understand how neglecting this courtesy would affect a job seeker’s reputation in the eyes of a potential employer.

How you act, is and reflects, your character and who you are.

When to write thank you notes for interviews:

Set yourself apart from the others by being the one candidate to make a refreshingly respectful impression. A thank-you letter should be written after:

• An interview

• A contact is helpful to
you in a telephone conversation or e-mail;

• Someone provides / sends
information to you at your request;

• A contact was particularly
helpful to you at a career fair;

• You visit a contact at their
work site; and

• Any other contact for which
you want to express thanks and develop a good relationship.

Hard copy, handwritten or e-mail:

Thank-you letters may be hard-copy typed, handwritten or e-mailed.

• Hard copy are most formal and are always appropriate after an interview.
• Handwritten are more personal, and can be appropriate for brief notes to a variety of individuals you may have met during on on-site interview or who may have helped
you in other ways.
• E-mail is appropriate when that has been your means
of contact with the person you want to thank, or if your contact has
expressed a preference for e-mail, or if you want to send a quick
thank-you to be followed up by hard copy.

Thank You Notes for Interviews Samples

Follow-up to telephone call

24 Sussex Drive
Vancouver, BC V6A 3C9
(778) 555-1212

February 8, 2009

Ms. Frida Coelho
Green Eco Sustainable Builders
145 Bike Street
Redwood City, CA 34249

Dear Ms. Coelho:

Thank you for talking with me on Wednesday in response to
my inquiry about possible summer internship opportunities in green
building industry in the Northern California coastal area.
After speaking with you and
another established architect whose name I obtained through
a contact at an online forum you recommended, I think I am much better
prepared to pursue internship opportunities.

On your advice, I have updated my resume, emphasizing my
recent strawbale home volunteer activities. A copy is enclosed for
you. I also plan to contact Mike Holmes as you suggested,
and appreciate your giving me his name.

Thank you for inviting me to visit your office. I will be
in Redwood during spring break, so I will call your office
two weeks prior to see if it would be convenient to schedule
a visit.

Again, thank you so much for your help and advice. I look
forward to meeting with you in March.

(your handwritten signature)
Harry Vary



letter to information-seeking meeting

23 Redriver Ave.
Ontario, CA 90210
(889) 555-9821

May 5, 2003

Mr. Jack J. Johnson
Briggs Hagarth & Associates
800 W Street, Suite 1500
Hillsbrook, MT 40300-6500

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule
to meet with me last Tuesday. It was very helpful to me to
learn so much about the current projects of Briggs Hagarth
& Associates and the career paths of several of your staff.

I appreciate your reviewing my portfolio and encouraging my
career plans. I also enjoyed meeting Betty Buffett, and am glad
to have her suggestions on how I can make the most productive
use of my last semester in college.

Based on what I learned from my visit to your firm and other
research I have done, I am very interested in being considered
for employment with your firm in the future. I will be available
to begin work after I graduate in June 2003.

As you saw from
my portfolio, I have developed strong skills in the area of
historical documentation–I understand that this is a good match for the
types of projects in which your firm specializes. I have enclosed
a copy of my resume to serve as a reminder of my background,
some of which I discussed with you when we met.

During the next few weeks I will stay in contact with you
in hopes that there may be an opportunity to join your firm.
Thank you again for your generous help.

(handwritten signature)
Fred Little


Follow-up to personal contact

41 Steveston Road
Bluevale, OH 27490
(670) 555-3333

December 10, 2008

Mr. Billy Talent
36 Rock Lane
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Mr. Talent:

Thank you so much for your time and advice during my impromptu visit
to your office last week. I very much appreciate your inviting
me to tour the company grounds, since this was my first experience experiencing the
hands-on work which takes place in an industrial design department. I
learned a great deal, and hope to share what I learned with
members of our student chapter of the American Society of
Creative Industrial Designers.

After February, I will be in contact with you again to explore
the possibility of arranging a summer internship with your
firm. As I mentioned to you when we met, I had an opportunity
to work on an intense, four-day interdisciplinary project
judged by faculty in which my team received top honors. I
gained valuable teamwork, problem-solving and presentation
skills and learned to work effectively with students studying
to enter different professions. I believe my skills would
make me an asset to an organization such as yours, which often
must produce excellent work under tight time constraints.

Thank you again for all your help, and I look forward to
talking with you in the coming months.

(handwritten signature)
Corey K. Freissen

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