The Secret Good Managers Know

The Secret Good Managers Know

The Power of Acknowledgment

To be a good manager, appreciate your people. Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist maintains that “the first rule, and probably the only rule of management, is to be respectful. A lot of questions I get from managers can be answered the same way: ask yourself if you are really being respectful.”

She continues, “People are much more motivated to do totally boring work (as a favor to you) if they feel respected by you in other ways. So give them good mentoring and pay attention to building their skills. In return, they will want to help you, even if it means sending 400 faxes.”

Managers that show respect, acknowledge good work, give recognition — all basic human decencies — solidify feelings of loyalty and mutual respect in their co-workers and clients. Good relationships are the basis of good business.


Notes to Appreciate Employees – Outlining how to write an employee thank-you note

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