131+ Short & Sweet Birthday Wishes for Friends [Happy Birthday Text Messages]

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While an in-person wish is best, or perhaps a phone call if distance separates, there is a place for letting the special birthday person know via a quick text that you’re thinking of them on their birthday.

Choose one message or send them all!

A handmade card with a heartfelt phrase or funny quote will be appreciated. For some people, a simple birthday text message that lets them know you’re thinking about them is enough to give them warm fuzzies.

No matter what, remember to send your loved ones a sweet birthday wish on their special day. (Included below are some belated birthday texts, too.)

“I [Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook] know better than your mom that today is your birthday”

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy Birthday Text Messages

Funny Birthday Text Messages for a Best Friend

Happy Belated Birthday Messages

If you intend to send a card and remember to text on their birthday, write something like this in their card wishing them a belated birthday:

Happy Birthday Texts or Card Quotes for Mom

If a special woman in your life is soon celebrating a birthday, make sure she feels all your love with a thoughtful message. From the sentimental to the sweet, we’ve got some great example messages to customize.

Happy Birthday Texts for Him (Dad, Brother, Husband, Boyfriend)

Perhaps you want to send more than a text — more than a thousand words, even! Send a meme. Share happy birthday memes for your best friend, co-worker, guys, gals, anything in-between. Need some bat or bar mitzvah card wishes ideas?

Get inspiration to write a special thank you note to your sister.

Happy Mother’s Day messages for cards — with an accompanying bouquet, perhaps.


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