94 New Baby Wishes: Shower the Happy Parents with Congratulations

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“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” – Carl Sandburg

It’s the season for welcoming new people into the world — your friends and colleagues are having babies. Whether you’re ready or not, it is now your responsibility to be an adult and to congratulate them for creating new life.

Send a text or write a note, but somehow express congratulations to the happy new parents welcoming the arrival of their little one.

Wonder what to write in a card of congratulations on expecting a new baby or child? Here are some funny and some heartfelt messages of congratulations on the birth of a new baby:

Best Wishes For Your New Baby [Funny]

  1. It’s a girl! Good luck, Daddy! Be sure to load your gun with bullets!
  2. Congrats on the new member of your household! See you in 18 years.
  3. Congratulations, and welcome to your new Overlord.
  4. OMFG! Shit just got real. Congratulations!
  5. Love. Joy. Baby puke. So excited for you and all that’s to come.
  6. If you are worried about not having enough space when baby comes, just get rid of your bed; you won’t be using it for a while anyway.
  7. Congrats on being nine months sober the baby.
  8. Congrats on the fun size mini-human.
  9. So glad you had a baby (and I didn’t).
  10. Congratulations on your new baby! Sympathies are with your vagina at this time.

“New Baby Best Wishes” Notes to Write in Cards

Here are a few ideas for baby shower messages for new parents:

Sincere Wishes for Your New Baby

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! That’s a classic, and here are a few suggestions for ways you can offer your congratulations and best wishes to the new parents:

  1. Babies are a great way to start people. Love him/her up, for the good of the world!
  2. All the best to your little miracle.
  3. All the books and articles in the world can’t prepare you for the surprises that your child will bring. Enjoy the adventure!
  4. A baby fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.
  5. We’re excited to welcome your new child into the fold!
  6. Wishing you all the joy that the arrival of your new babe brings to the world. May you never stop experiencing happiness and joy.
  7. Congrats on the new angel!
  8. Sending you all endless wishes of health and happiness!
  9. Congrats on your new addition to the family!
  10. Welcome, little one!
  11. Wishing you all the joy and happiness that a new life brings to the world. Much love and best wishes to you and your family!
  12. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! Let the celebrations begin!
  13. A beautiful new life! Love before first sight! Our love and best wishes to you and your newborn baby.
  14. Such tiny feet, yet they leave the biggest footprints in our hearts.
  15. Welcome, little one! The world greets you with love and possibilities. May your journey through life be optimistic and joyful.
  16. A brand new miracle to call your own. Congratulations!
  17. A cradle full of best wishes for your newborn. Congratulations!
  18. Allow me to say congratulations on the arrival of your new baby ___!
  19. Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle of joy!
  20. Heartfelt congratulations to the newly Mom and Dad! New responsibilities, new job titles, newfound love.
  21. Not all treasure is silver and gold, — congratulations on your personal new treasure and precious darling!
  22. A baby touches your heart and fills your life with overwhelming love. Wishing you all the joys of discovery a baby brings to your world.
  23. Parenthood is one of the best journeys in life. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
  24. Get ready for toy dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, for balls, trucks, and bikes, and all sorts of surprises. Congratulations on your little man.
  25. A precious little boy is on the way. What an exciting time for your family!
  26. A dad so handsome, a mom so pretty — no wonder your newborn is such a sweetie. Congratulations!
  27. Your family has grown by two feet! Enjoy the expansion.
  28. May your baby be welcomed to the world with open arms, an even playing field, and unlimited opportunity. May they be a good sleeper, a frequent smiler, and potty train without bribery. May they be blessed with the ability to entertain themselves, and be naturally tidy. May your child always feel safe, loved, and heard. As they grow, may they turn to you, when they need advice, or a shoulder to lean on, and may they always be willing to explain modern technology. When they become an adult, may they always feel free to roam the world, but always remember that their true home is wherever you are.

Cute & Funny Baby Shower Messages For New Moms

Warm Thoughts For the New Baby, Boy or Girl:

Congratulations on the TWINS

Dear [Name],
Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful twins! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet your new little bundles of joy.
We can't imagine the excitement and joy you must be feeling right now, and we are so excited to share in this special time with you. We are sending lots of love and congratulations your way, and can't wait to see all the amazing adventures that await you as new parents.
Take care of yourselves and enjoy every moment with your new little ones. We can't wait to see you soon and meet the newest additions to your family.
With love and congratulations, [Your name]

Congratulatory Words to the Parents of an Adopted Child

Here are a few ideas for congratulatory words to the parents of an adopted child:

Congratulations from The (Soon-to-be) Grandparents

Difficult Circumstances or Birth Complications

When the excitement of a new arrival is overshadowed by health issues for the mother or baby, or other difficult circumstances, it’s still appropriate to respond with warm, joyful congratulations. Skip the lighthearted sweetness of traditional baby sentiments, and choose words that provide your straightforward warmth, caring and optimism.

There is no need to mention the specifics of the difficulty, rather give support and encouragement to the new parents and family members.


Thank-You Messages for Newborn Baby Wishes

Words of Congratulations for Expecting Parents

Thank-You Note Examples for a Wedding Gift

Write a Thank-You Note for Baby Shower Gifts


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