11 Thank-You for Sponsorship Letters: [Corporate, Charity, School, Teams]

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sports team, a podcast, or a community event organizer, chances are you have a sponsor, had a sponsor, or will have a sponsor – and will have to write a “thank you for the sponsorship” letter. Thank your supportive companies, volunteers, and donors with these notes of appreciation and ensure a continued mutually beneficial relationship.

8 Sponsorship Thank-You Letter Templates

Make a personal, genuine thank you to your sponsors: include a thank you note written by the event organizer or organization president.

Often, if you are thanking your sponsor(s) publicly, your thank-you can be one line — a shout-out to the company or person sponsoring your event or occasion. Other times, you can plug your sponsor and give them a testimony or encourage others to check out their wares and services. Smart companies and organizations know that saying thank you increases profits, and by sponsoring a local team or organization, a company is investing in the community that gives it sustenance, too.

Other times, you will want to privately acknowledge your sponsors personally

Thank-You Letter to Our Corporate Sponsors: Template Examples

Simple example template to thank your corporate sponsors publicly. Add their logos to the space below the text.

Thank You to Our Sponsors: Example Notes For Supporting Your Organization’s Charity Campaign or Food Drive

Thank You to Our Sponsors: Example Notes For School Fundraising Support

Thank You to Our Sports Team & Community Sponsors: Example Notes

Example of a thank you message for a person or company who donated to your sports club.

Related notes of thanks: Say ‘I appreciate you’ to your clients, employees, business contacts; thank you for your continued business; and learn how to respond to a thank-you email with finesse.


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