Vision Board Examples That Manifest Results [How and Why]

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You may have scoffed at the idea of collecting a bunch of images and pasting them on a piece of cardboard to expedite your dream job or ideal partner or wealth coming into your life. But don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

What Is a Vision Board

A vision board is a manifestation tool to focus your creative energy. A vision board consists of a collection of images, textures, reminders that trigger within you a feeling of being that which you desire — but without the yearning desire — because you are already enjoying all that you want.

So instead of desire, you feel gratitude and appreciation. That is why gratitude is more powerful than yearning — yearning comes from lack, while gratitude comes from fulfillment.

And to be a vibrational match to what you want, you’ve got to act from the feeling place of already having that which you want, and to assume that state of being.

Feeding your brain images and feelings of the desired state of being is the fastest route to living that state NOW. Fully immerse yourself in your new reality, and give thanks for what you have.

You can create a separate vision board for every area of your life, or throw everything you love into one collective board. You’re the creator here.

Collected Examples of Awesome Vision Boards

Tip: Instead of pasting the words “success” and “love”, choose photos that conjure feelings of being successful and what love looks and feels like for you. The goal is to elicit the feeling.

Vision Boards Are All About the Feeling

Yes, less is often more. The most effective vision boards have fewer than a dozen images. Having less on your cardboard or canvas increases the potency of your vision.

Too many images and words and the vision board loses its emotional punch and becomes an intellectual exercise.

from ethanlazzerini

Vision Boards for an Adventurous Life & Satisfying Relationship

Would you rather skip the tactile and experiment with a digital board?

To create a digital vision board, you can use graphic software (GIMP, Paint, Photoshop) or online tools like Canva to make a collage.

from designwizard

1. Meditate, Reflect, then Write out Your Dreams and Goals

These questions are good starting points, but don’t stress. The point is to get excited about living a creative life that means something to you. Think about these things and write them down.

2. Collect Images That Resonate With Your Vision

After writing down your goals and positive associations, it’s time to visualize them.

Search online for images of people, scenes, objects, quotes, whatever you can find that represent the images of your mind.

(Of course, if you are making a physical vision board, print out these images or find them in printed magazines.)

Do an image search or type a search query on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to find related images that might resonate.

Set your completed vision board as your home screen, screen saver or put different versions of your vision boards for different areas of your life on a slideshow to display when your computer is idle.

Vision Boards for Affirming Love & Family

from ajavolkman

At their core, these boards are a highly personalized collage of images, words, and phrases that capture your vision of the future by eliciting the feelings of living that vision. The intent of this vision board is to make you feel truly giddy, therefore you will naturally follow this feeling and stay focused and take purpose-led action.

A board of affirmations of what you want as though you already have it.

Here’s a nice example of a quotes-based vision board that you and your family will see everyday to affirm that values from which you are creating a loving family life.

A vision board for a family, also doubles as a work of living room art. Nice daily affirmations for the whole family.

Option: Divide Your Vision Board into Life Sectors

If you prefer an organized, systematic approach to creativity, feel free to create a template outlining in which areas of your life you want to cover for your vision board manifestation tool.

The image above is an example of such an approach.

There are no wrong vision boards as long as it helps you to focus on what you want and to feel gratitude for the life you are currently living which gave birth to these new expressions.

Use Whatever Materials Resonate (or are Available)

Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

How & Why Do Vision Boards Work

A vision board is a tool for the focus of your multi-level intelligence and for taking action.

With an annual, quarterly, or however frequent you choose practice of creating a vision boards, your becomes familiar with the dominating thoughts you are comfortable with, and must deliver a match in the form of events, circumstances of life and the people related with the nature of your dominating thoughts. Thoughts lead to supporting actions (and clarity of thoughts and feelings comes through action).

So choose images that inspire you and feel good, not images that arouse feelings of jealousy or anger or disappointment. As Neville Goddard teaches, Imagination creates reality:

Persist in the feeling of the wish fulfilled and it will materialize in your physical world.

Neville Goddard

If you want to hone your Imagination, check out the Neville Goddard coloring book (Amazon link)

Examples of Vision Boards That Came True

Curious, but want to know more about the efficacy of such a tool before you dive in?

A Few Stories of Vision Boards that Came True:

How to Make an Effective Vision Board

Visioning is planning for those who don’t like to micromanage every rational step along the way.

It’s a process that often helps us get to the heart of what we desire, what holds value for us, and then it prompts us into action from a space of aliveness and alignment.

A vision board is a sort of mind map. Sometimes there can be more than one right answer to a problem and a vision board is the ideal visual technique to assess your options and so how your options relate to your goals.

Imagine living a life you consider fulfilling. If you want, light some candles, sip some delightful beverage, and immerse yourself in the desirable details of your everyday schedule, your relationships, and the hobbies you practice. Really feel it. Revel in the feelings of your experience. These feelings are the basis of your vision board ideas.

Effective vision board focused around one all-encompassing intention.

The images you choose can clarify your values and beliefs—and your visions and goals. The more you look upon reminders of who you are, and feel from the end in the wish fulfilled, the sooner reality reflects your being-ness.

But don’t overthink, this isn’t an intellectual exercise. This is a tool to tap into your higher knowing and to have fun. Immerse yourself in the feelings of having what you want.

Bottom line, creating a vision board is an exercise in gratitude. Give thanks for the life you have and the one you are creating in each moment.


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