WriteThankYouNotes.com began several years ago circa 2005 under a different domain as a site for collecting thank-you note templates for my personal use, and has transformed into a resource for everyone wishing to express appreciation for any occasion, both professional and personal.

The Team

Billie Brisbon – I spend most of my time in the offline world, but I do have a Twitter account and choose to remain mostly anonymous online. The content is what matters, and I’ve been creating and writing since 1991.

Emily Myers – I met Billie in 2003 and we began our partnership in life and cyberspace. Focusing on creating value and something useful with my side project AmayaLifestyle, I have happily neglected Twitter for years and choose instead to focus on the meaningful few activities that enrich my life.

About WriteThankYouNotes.com

This site promotes the traditional form of the thank you note — the handwritten, personal, heartfelt, creative act. More creativity, more life, is what the world needs now. More present actions and fewer zombies hitting the plastic buttons and swiping left or right in a reactive repetition, please.

Take the time to do what few are willing to do, and see what happens.

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