Business Thank You Letter

Business Thank You Letter / Follow-up Letter (for Advice)

This is an effective follow-up email to send to a mentor or business colleague for their investment of time and energy in you. They will be pleased to know how much you value their time and suggestions, and they will know you DO value their time, because you have taken action on their suggestions.





SUBJECT: Thank You for January Coffee Meeting

Ms. Robbins, thank you for giving me so much of your limited time last Monday afternoon and for your actionable suggestions for my career advancement.

I did follow up on both of your suggestions. Grant Billows has asked me to come to work on his new start-up project; I’ll be assuming those new responsibilities after the first of the month. Also, I notified Training of my interest in the upcoming programming course — and, due to a last-minute cancellation, I am enrolled to attend next week. The ball is rolling!

Please know how much I appreciate your interest in my studies and career advancement.


Thank you note after interview

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