Fun and Friendly Excuses for Avoiding Video Calls

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When you’re not in the mood for a video call – here are some lighthearted and relatable excuses to use next time you need to decline a video call:

1. The ‘Social Anxiety’ Deflector

Say: “I’m actually really shy when it comes to video calls, and I’d feel more comfortable just talking on the phone.”

2. The ‘Technical Difficulties’ Dodge

Say: “My camera isn’t working right now, so I’m afraid we can’t Facetime.”

3. The ‘Privacy Concerns’ Shield

Say: “I value my privacy, and I’m not comfortable having my image recorded during a video call.”

4. The ‘Time Management’ Deflection

Say: “I’m trying to be more productive with my time, and video calls can often be a distraction.”

5. The ‘Work-Life Balance’ Redirect

Say: “I want to make sure I’m maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and video calls can sometimes blur those lines.” Maybe a stretch, but worth the thought.

6. The ‘Internet Issues’ Diversion

Say: “I’m having some connectivity issues right now, and video calling is just not working out well.”

7. The ‘Social Anxiety’ Disclaimer

Say: “I’m a little anxious about being on camera, and I prefer to chat without the video aspect.”

8. The ‘Tech-Challenged’ Apology

Say: “I’m not great with technology, and video calls can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for me.”

9. The ‘Mental Health’ Consideration

Say: “I’m trying to focus on my mental health, and I think video calling might not be the best idea right now.”

10. The ‘Honesty Is the Best Policy’ Approach

Say: “I’m just not in the mood for a video call today. Can we chat over text or on the phone instead?”

When giving an excuse for not wanting to video call, it’s best to be honest and upfront with your intentions. Use these suggestions as a guide to find the right balance between being truthful and avoiding sounding like you’re catfishing the other person. Keep it lighthearted and remember to respect their feelings in the process

Excuses Not to Facetime or Video Call

When you’re pretending to be busy but secretly just don’t want to Facetime, you can try:

Those who just can’t help putting things off until the last minute may say:

If you’re constantly juggling multiple tasks and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time:

Say You’re Too Busy

When you’re simply too busy for a Facetime call:

The ‘Tech-Challenged’ Excuse

If you’re not so great with technology:

The Tech-Phobe Excuse

For those who are generally uncomfortable with technology:

The ‘Social Anxiety’ Excuse for Video Calling

For those who struggle with social interactions:

The ‘It’s Just Not My Thing’ Video Excuse

If you’re not a fan of video calls in general:

The ‘Can’t Find a Good Lighting’ Excuse

For those who can’t find the perfect lighting for a Facetime call:

The ‘I Don’t Look Good on Camera’ Excuse

If you feel self-conscious about your appearance on camera:


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