Funny Quarantine Memes

By Billie •  Updated: 04/16/21 •  2 min read

Collected from across the internet, here are your favorite shareable quarantine memes that capture the feelings of a generation (everyone) that was promised “just two weeks to flatten the curve”.

When you find out your daily lifestyle is called “quarantine”

Cutting Your Own Hair While Under Quarantine Be Like:

Cutting your own hair like a pro during quarantine.

Memes for Days (All the Days of Never-ending Lock Downs)

You said you were sick! No, I said I have a case of corona
What’s up? I think my cat is tired of my being in quarantine….
Congratulations, you’ve become a house cat.
A gamer’s dream come true.
How many of us adopted a dog in 2020?
Me watching the amazon guy struggling to drag a full pallet of toilet paper to my door.

Working From Home Quarantine Memes

It happens.
Zoom meeting with audio only vs zoom meeting with video
Nothing has changed for introverts.
Work attire — check.
Also accurate.
Me getting ready to go on zoom for something that should just be an email.
Dogs vs. cats: quarantine perspectives

Mental Health in Quarantine

Maybe it’s quarantine.
4 stages of quarantine. Accurate.
Heard that children born 9 months from now will be known as the ‘children of the quarn’ and I can’t stop laughing
Groundhog day quarantine.
Which life is this?
There go all my plans. Every day.
My two quarantine moods. No in-between.
My dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture”

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