Good Luck on Your Job Interview (Supportive & Funny Messages)

By Billie •  Updated: 05/03/22 •  5 min read

No matter how competent and confident your friend or loved one may be, everyone benefits from hearing supportive words of encouragement before a big job interview.

Be the wind beneath their wings, give them that extra spring in their step, and send them confidently in the direction of their dreams with these best wishes before a job interview.

Funny Good Luck Meme Messages to a Colleague

Today’s the day: your friend is prepped and hopefully ready for the onslaught of questions to elicit signals of competency and fit.

All they need now is to know that you are there for them, cheering for them, whatever the outcome.

Let’s do this.

Maybe you want to show your co-worker that you support their career goals to dive headfirst into the rat race, but you want that message to come from your sincere heart and not that sarcastic void that will never be filled now that he/she is leaving you behind. Here are some starter phrases you can spice up and personalize for the colleague who is branching out (or attempting to join your team):

Sincerely Wishing A Friend the Best For a Job Interview

Supportive Messages to Your Loved One on Their Job Interview Day

Direct them to this follow-up thank-you letter after a job interview to make sure they secure the position they want!


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