Goodnight Prayers For Your Loved Ones

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Night time is a time for reflection, for tying up loose ends in your mind, for tallying all the positive moments in your day, being grateful for small blessings, and for sending all your love to the good people everywhere. Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, prayer has selfish benefits similar to meditation, plus it just feels good to focus on what you love and to send positive thoughts into the world.

Goodnight Prayers for Your Love (Her)

Sweet Goodnight Prayers for Him

Here are a mixture of prayers you can adapt for sharing with your husband or boyfriend, or reciting privately in your mind. The choice is yours.

Goodnight Prayers for Family and Friends

Sometimes you will want to share your prayers with your loved ones to let them know they are in your thoughts. Here are some short and sweet words of appreciation to message your friends and family at those times when you know they would love to hear a supportive message from you.

A bedtime prayer is a perfect way to give thanks for the blessing of the day and to affirm all the goodness in your life.

Goodnight Prayers for Kids

I recall reciting this one as a child before bed:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Goodnight Prayer for a Friend Who is Ill

This is a prayer for good health and all ending well for the highest good of all involved.

Bedtime Prayers for a Challenging Day

Short Bedtime Prayer for Protection


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