Say It With Song: Thank You Songs for Teachers

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Ah, music, the universal language. Except when it isn’t.

A thank you song can convey a range of emotions through sound and all kinds of acceptable and unacceptable language, so if you want to thank your teacher, just remember to know your audience: pick a song that clearly relates to who they are and how they have made a difference to you.

Here’s a song to perform for your teacher, with lyrics. Learn it. Be it.

I recall one fine day in grade seven, when it occurred to us as a class that the best idea in the world would be to time our athletic teacher’s entrance into the classroom, to the chorus of ‘Whatta Man’ by Salt-N-Pepa. Another example of theory winning over practice. As we scrambled to find the exact spot on the tape (yes, we were using a standard-issue cassette player), in walked our teacher, totally ignorant of our failed attempt to play the intended “What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man” refrain. Oh well, we tried.

Ideally, a song of thanks will tell the listener how grateful you are to have them in your life. Considering that most songs have layers of meaning attached, maybe edit out the swear words or an ambiguously phrased chorus to make your platonic meaning clear.

Recommended Songs to Thank Your Teacher

From Kindergarten Students, On Graduation Day Song

Short and sweet

Thank-You Songs for Your Music Teacher and Beyond

  1. “Thank You for Being a Friend” – Andrew Gold
  2. “Teacher, Teacher” – Rockpile
  3. “The Best Day” – Taylor Swift
  4. “A Million Reasons” – Lady Gaga
  5. “I’m Your Teacher” – James Brown
  6. “Teacher, I Need You” – Elton John
  7. “You’re the Inspiration” – Chicago
  8. “Free to Be…You and Me” – Marlo Thomas and Friends
  9. “Superheroes” – The Script
  10. “Thank You for the Music” – ABBA

“Thank You For The Music”—ABBA (of course)

“Thank You For Being a Friend”—Andrew Gold

Thank You, Teacher (Original Song)

A Song to Thank Your Teacher, With Lyrics

(aka Teacher Appreciation Song)  © 2009 Brian Asselin and Eric Dissero

For the original score and sheet music, please visit Brian Asselin’s site (

This song is for those, who inspire us today;
Who always lend a helping hand, to help show us the way.
This song is for those, who see their students through;
The tough times in their lives, for that we say thank you.

_____You have made a difference, You have shaped our minds;
_____You have changed the world, one child at a time.
_____You have always been there, in everything you do;
_____I hope that you’re as proud of me, as I am proud of you.

This song is for those, who heard the silent cries;
Who stepped in to wipe the tears, from the children’s eyes.
For those who gave us, a safe place to grow;
A place for us to call our home, forever we will know . . . that [CHORUS]

This song is for those, who taught us right from wrong;
Who taught us much more than their craft, to help our minds grow strong.
This song is for those, who guide us through and through;
So that we can make a life, for that we say THANK YOU. [CHORUS]

As I look back on my life, into the path within my reach;
I hope I can change a life, of those that I teach…

I can make a difference, all I do is try;
Try to see a different world, through the children’s eyes.
And I will always be there, in everything I do,
I hope that you’re as proud of me, as I am proud of you.
And I will always be there, in everything I do,
I hope that you’re as proud of me, as I am proud of you.


When you strategically compile a playlist to express your appreciation through song lyrics, your thank you becomes even more meaningful.

(Except don’t do what I did.)


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