Ultimate Teacher Gifts & Appreciation Guide

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I asked my teacher friends what they would most love to receive as gifts from their students. Well, prepare yourself for a massive curated post of the best gift ideas for every budget and DIY preference.

What gifts do teachers at all levels actually want? Any thoughtful gesture, practical item (including classroom supplies), and personalized item reflecting your teacher’s personality and interests will make the grade.

Believe it or not, my favorite gifts are handwritten letters and personal drawings. “Stuff” gets used, lost, or broken. Letters and drawings go right into my memories binder, which I love looking through on rough days. ♥️


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11+ Memorable Gift Ideas Any Teacher

handmade gifts are the best.

Best Gifts for Pre-School and Elementary School Teachers

  1. Holiday tree ornaments, homemade or fancy
  2. Donate games for recess
  3. Super practical: disinfectant wipes
  4. Age-appropriate books for the classroom
  5. Volunteer your time. My grandma used to teach kids (who had fallen behind or were struggling or new to the country) to read
  6. Some teachers actually do like candles, but use your discretion
  7. Spa treatment or massage!
  8. A printable template thank-you note filled out by the student
  9. Chocolates are boring standbys, but some teachers appreciate the re-gifting opportunity. Consider a Hot Chocolate Kit in a fine mug.
  10. Homemade yet practical gifts — a mason jar filled with fresh soup, a thermos with a package of their favourite coffee beans, for example
  11. A bag of pencils, pencil crayons, glue sticks, crafty materials for the kids — even craft ideas are helpful
How about a utilitarian disinfectant gift basket made from Dollar store finds? Perfect for the cold and flu season. From Mamacheaps.com. Download the cute gift tags here

My mom taught elementary school for 35 years. Every Valentine’s Day we would get more chocolate than we could eat, which was nice, but she also got a ton of coffee mugs. She also got so many apple/chalkboard Christmas ornaments that we could have filled two 7.5 foot trees. The best gift she got was a money tree from the whole class with $1 and $5 bills tied on.

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Wanted: Teacher Gifts Under $10 That Don’t Make Me Look Cheap

Prove to your Economics teacher that you understand the long-term compounding value of money, with a discerning gift purchase.

11 Gifts for Art Teachers

Searching for the best holiday gift or a birthday surprise? Something on this list will please your Art Teacher.

Note: If you are in college/university, it is best to give your teacher or professor the gift AFTER receiving your final grade, so as not to misconstrue the gift’s purpose.

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