Appreciate Your Company Speakers

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how to thank your company speakers with a written thank you note

If you have the honor of hearing a guest speaker share their experiences and provide their strategies applicable to your company or to a select group of top performers, then by all means, extend a written thank-you note following their engagement.

How to Appreciate Your Company Speakers With a Written Thank-You Note


Guest Speaker from an Education Research Group

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Dear Ms. Groen:

Thank you for taking the time to fly to Brice County to share your research work with the educators in our school system. Your ideas on “active learning,” creativity, and multimedia interaction fascinated our group. Several members were particularly pleased to hear the positive effects these teaching methods had on the attitudes of the children involved in your research groups. We had no idea business and industry organizations were so heavily involved in research fields so closely related to ours.

Several members of the audience have expressed interest in hearing more about your work and will be recommending to their individual schools that you speak at other locations during their in-service training. You may be receiving calls from the various directors of curriculum throughout the year, and we hope you can speak to us again as your schedule permits.

Should there ever be an occasion for us to return the favour by actively participating in some of your research projects, we would be more than willing to do so. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your work with us in such an enlightening way.


Bob Newahark

The Anatomy of a “Thank-You For the Speech” Letter:

  1. First, compliment the speaker
  2. [Optional] Elaborate and provide further examples of how useful or applicable the talk was to the company’s mission
  3. Testimony: Provide a supporting quotation or anecdote (from someone in attendance) affirming the talk
  4. Close with a brief thank-you and a warm compliment. You don’t need to go over-the-top.
public speaker compliment letter


[Opening and Thank-You, Compliment]:

On behalf of the stockholders at ABC Company, I would like to thank you for your speech yesterday afternoon. Several stockholders have called me this morning to say how much they agree with what you were talking about.

[Optional Elaboration]:

I was particularly pleased to hear that ABC Company is right on target with our mission statement concerning small businesses. The renewal of a solid economic base in the rural areas of the Midwest is the result of forward-looking people such as yourself and our board of directors.


Dr. Gene Fromme, one of our largest stockholders, spoke to me this morning and put it succinctly: “Mr. Thanh hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that the future is in small businesses.”

Please send me your expense report for immediate reimbursement. Include copies of receipts and and invoice number to facilitate this transaction.

[Thank You, Second Compliment]:

Thank you for your inspiring speech. It was our privilege to hear you.

Sincerely Yours,

Ray A. Dalio



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