Handwritten Notes Increasingly Valued in the Workplace

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Handwritten Notes Are Not Dead!

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The personal, hand-written note is increasingly valued in the workplace. Going the extra mile pays dividends and is worth the investment of 5 minutes and some stationery.

Tom Peters, a well-known authority on what works in business, writes that Americans “wildly underestimate the power of the tiniest personal touch.” Something as small as a handwritten “nice job” has such a great impact because it is tangible and again conveys that someone cared enough to write a note to acknowledge another’s efforts. Praise goes a long way.

Aside from public relations considerations, showing appreciation is a natural response, so express yourself when you know it is the right thing to do.

Writing Guidelines

Part 1: State Why

The first part of the letter states your purpose. Your reason may vary from extending congratulations on a job well done to complimenting work ethic to extending an invitation to an appreciation ceremony.

Part 2: Expand and Expound

The second part of the letter gives the details or background information for the first part. This may include details about an employee’s accomplishments or personal comments concerning the first part.

Part 3: Wrap it Up

The last part of the letter acts as a summary, reminding the recipient of the general nature of the letter. It may include specific dates, details or, a ‘thank-you again’ note reiterating the reason for the letter. It is not necessary in many of the personal business letters to have a third part.

Example letters here.

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