Baby Shower Thank-You Notes: The Complete Guide to Acknowledging Gifts

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Baby shower thank-you notes are notes or cards that are sent to guests who have given gifts or provided support at a baby shower. They are a way to express gratitude and thank the giver for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Baby shower thank-you notes can be handwritten or electronic, and are typically sent within a few weeks of the shower. They typically include a personal message thanking the giver for their gift and presence at the shower, and may also mention the specific gift and how it will be used or appreciated.

Sending thank-you notes after a baby shower is a thoughtful and gracious gesture that shows your appreciation for your guests and the role they played in celebrating your new arrival. It is a small but important way to acknowledge their support and to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

Here are a few examples of thank-you notes you could send to thank friends for a baby shower gift:

Thank-You Notes to Thank Friends for a Baby Shower Gift

Dear [Name],
Thank you so much for the [gift] you gave us at the baby shower. We were thrilled to receive it and are so grateful for your thoughtfulness.
[Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use or appreciate it.]
We had such a wonderful time at the baby shower, and it was made even more special by your presence and support. Thank you for sharing in this exciting time with us and for helping us prepare for the arrival of our little one.
With love and gratitude, 
[Your names]

The baseball sweats for James are adorable! With that suit and another couple hundred pounds, he could be a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox! Thanks for taking the time to select such a cute gift. Bill tries to dress him in that outfit every time we leave the house; and of course, I have to remind him that the sweats aren’t exactly appropriate attire for a christening and the like.
I’m planning to bring the baby to the office in a few weeks and hope to show him off to you then. Thanks for being so thoughtful.
All the best,

A Heartfelt Baby Shower Thank You Note Example

Dear [Name],
I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the [gift] you gave me at my baby shower. Your thoughtfulness and generosity mean so much to me, and I am so grateful to have such supportive and loving friends and family.
[Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use or appreciate it.]
I had such a wonderful time at my baby shower and am so grateful to have shared it with you. Your presence and support mean the world to me, and I am so thankful to have you in my life.
Thank you again for the [gift] and for being a part of this special time in my life. I can't wait to use and enjoy it as I prepare for the arrival of my little one.
With love and gratitude, [Your name]

Etiquette for Baby Shower Thank You Notes: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are a few key points of etiquette to consider when writing thank-you notes for baby shower gifts:

  1. Send the thank-you notes as soon as possible. It’s best to send the thank-you notes within a few weeks of the shower, while the gift and the occasion are still fresh in the giver’s mind.
  2. Personalize the thank-you note. Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use or appreciate it, and express your gratitude for the giver’s thoughtfulness.
  3. Keep the tone friendly and sincere. Avoid using a formal or overly formal tone, and make sure to express your genuine gratitude.
  4. Add a personal touch. Consider adding a personal note or message, such as a funny anecdote or a heartfelt thank-you. This will make the note feel more authentic and sincere.
  5. Address the thank-you note to the giver. Start the note by addressing the person by name, rather than using a generic opening like “Dear Friend.”
  6. Use proper formatting and spelling. Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, and format the note correctly (e.g. using appropriate headings and margins).
  7. Say thank you again at the end of the note. Consider adding a closing like “Sincerely” or “With gratitude” before thanking the giver again for their gift and support.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your baby shower thank-you notes are thoughtful, sincere, and well-received.


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