The Love Letter

Waiting for the Handwritten Love Letter

waiting for a handwritten love letter

(You might be wondering why I have a section for love letters at this site. Love is appreciation, right? When you love something or someone, you act to improve its state, or by a mere expression of praise you exalt its glory and thus add unto it. Or something.)

The point, my dear friends, is that appreciation is a gesture of love. It is love in action. I shall refrain from my usual burst into lines from Massive Attack’s Teardrop song. You’re welcome.)

Love letters are sentiments of the heart expressed through the written word.

That being said, would you want to receive a love letter from someone? Yes. Would you want
that love letter to be based on some generic template he/she found on the web? Hells no.

Put some effort into it!

I’ll provide some starter/theme sentences to help you focus your writing, and let you provide the Good Stuff. The Good Stuff are the details: “That time you skipped your night out with the boys to take me to the Opera show was a turning point in the way I viewed our relationship. At that point, I felt like I mattered to you.”

Tell your special one exactly how you feel and what they do that triggers those feelings in you. Yeah yeah, no one can “make” you feel a certain way, but they can certainly help you to set the conditions for letting the feelings flow. Own your feelings, and thank your special one for being there to share your special times.

If you want to be a little on the cheesy side, begin or end your letter with something like, “Thank you for showing me that love is the greatest gift on earth.” Another option is to think about that line and notice what pops into your mind, then write about the pictures and feelings that surround that highly personal image instead. Talk about your vision and values and how your partner fits into the big picture.

thank you funny love note to partner

Even if you think you are the worst writer in the world, the simple act of taking the time to write out ‘why and what means the world to you’, is a significantly romantic gesture. If you’re not sure what to write, relax for a minute, picture yourself with your loved one, and imagine a conversation with them where you share with each other exactly what the other needs to hear. Or, recall a scene with that person wherein you really felt loved. Now write that! You can edit later — just get it out and let the image take you to whatever excites you the most.

We all love to know that we mean something to someone. All beings respond positively to respect and appreciation.

One-liner Thank You Notes
One-liner Thank You Notes


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