Wedding Thank You Note Wording

Here are some tips for thanking all your wedding guests and those who made your Big Day a memorable one (memorable in that the only hitch was the one planned. Don’t roll your eyes at me.). =)

Send a Card as Soon as Possible

Proper Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette approves of sending a thank-you card up to a month after your wedding. But by then, no one remembers your wedding and you probably want to forget it happened, too. Kidding. The ideal common courtesy is to send a thank-you as soon as possible. Everyone is happy about this: your guests feel appreciated, and with the cards out of the way, you can now focus on appreciating your lucky spouse.

How to Organize Your Card Duties

Being appreciative takes time. Writing thanks is a manual task. Since this is the beginning of your shared life, divide the thank-you writing work between each partner. (Traditional etiquette specifies that the bride sends out the thank-you cards, but why not be subversive and set higher standards for your matrimonius maximus enjoyous? And what if there are two grooms? Then nobody is thanked?!) For simplicity, have each partner thank their own guests. Done and done.

What to Write? Wedding Thank You Wording Rules & Guidance

Good rules of thumb are that if they were there for you and helped out during wedding planning, or if you are particularly close to them, then make your thank-you card personal.


Make mention of the gift that your guest gave you (if applicable), and thank everyone for “making our day special” or “sharing in our happiness” or whatever cheese you can come up with. Remember to give a personal thank you to each and every one of your close attendants.

Check Your List Twice

Finally, after you have written your thank-you cards, check that you have acknowledged everyone on your wedding list. Check the names on every thank-you card against the names of people that received an invitation. This way everyone will be happy and social cohesion maintained. It may be a good idea to check people off the list as you are writing your thank-you cards, and then to double-check by going through the list again after all the thank-you cards have been written.

Example Wedding Thank You Wording for Wedding Gift

Dear Clyde and Hope,

We’re thrilled with the crystal rose bowl. It fills the vacant spot on my desk just perfectly and is an elegant reminder of your thoughtfulness. You’re always so observant about gift-giving; I assume you’ve overheard me talking about my collection and wishing for more. Thank you for taking the time to come to the wedding and help us celebrate our special day. We so much appreciate having our special friends like you with us.


Joy and Rob Greer-Williams

The Bride and Groom Thank-You Guide – (google online book) “A thoroughly modern manual for expressing your gratitude–quickly, painlessly and personally!”

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