How to Appreciate Your Employees: Thank You Notes

The following sample letters are designed to promote goodwill among clients and employees.

funny office coworker thanks

Feel free to use the samples below or to follow the general outline for writing an effective note of appreciation that conveys how valued your team members’ contributions are to the continued success of the company.

Letter Outline

Step 1: The first part of the letter states your purpose.

Depending on the reason for writing the letter, this may vary from complimenting an employee on an accomplishment to apologizing for being unable to attend a social event.

Step 2: Details

The second part of the letter gives the details or background information for the first part. This may be anything from explaining to a client the action required to correct a problem to giving details about a social event.

Step 3: Summary

The last part of the letter acts as a summary, reminding the recipient of the general nature of the letter. It may be a thank you, or it may restate what has been said in the first part of the letter. For example, if the letter is congratulatory, the last part re-congratulates the recipient. Redundancy has no claim when it comes to praise. We all love to hear about how what we do, matters to someone; especially when that someone is in a position of authority.

Recognizing a Suggestion

Recognizing a Suggestion. Copyright is by Career Press: Business Letters for Busy People

Employee Appreciation Letter

Employee Appreciation Letter

Acknowledging an Official Anniversary Boosts Morale

boosting employee morale letter

Congratulations to your Client

client congratulations letter

Congratulations to your Employee

congratulations letter to your employee

Congratulations to an Associate on a Promotion

promotion congratulations letter

Thank-You Letter to Outside Vendor

thanks vendor letter

Employee Accomplishment Acknowledgment

employee accomplishment acknowledgment letter
staff appreciation letter
employee activity accomplishment acknowledgment letter
employee business associate accomplishment letter

Specific Sample Thank-You Letter to an Employee

sample employee appreciation letter

Compliment Letter to an Employee

compliment letter for employee or business associate

Follow-up Letter after Sale

follow-up after sale thanks

50 Funny Thank You Notes – Say Thanks in a Funny Way

Thank You For Continued Business

Business Hospitality Thank You

Thank You Note for New Client

Thank-You For the Work Bonus

Saying “Thank-You” Increases Business Profits


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