Memorable Happy New Year Messages for Cards & SMS Texts

Send Some Happy New Year Wishes

Here are some popular New Year’s wishes to inspire your own.

  • Our New Year’s wish for you and yours, is that your year is filled with love. Happy [year]!
  • Wishing you and yours good times, good cheer, good health and good fortune in the New Year!
Everyone excited to be going out on new year’s eve… and I’ll be sitting at home like this
  • When the bells ring in the New Year, may your days be filled with peace, love and everlasting happiness.
Let’s put significant pressure on ourselves to have a fun New Year’s Eve.
  • As the holiday season comes to a close, we wish you and your family a bright and beautiful New Year.
  • Wishing you a super healthy, crazy happy and a wildly successful New Year!
“I gotta call you back. I wanna laugh at everyone’s new years resolutions.”
  • May the dawn of this New Year fill your heart with bright, hopeful days as you turn your dreams into reality and your efforts into great achievements.
  • A new year is a blank page and an opportunity to write a new story for yourself. Hope yours is beautiful.
“My New Year’s resolution is to stop hanging out with people who ask me about my New Year’s resolutions.”
  • May this New Year give you courage to explore, dream and discover. Here’s to your best year yet!
  • Cheers to the years we’ve been blessed to call each other friends and to the New Year ahead.
“Here’s to drinking enough that we’ll need Ryan Seacrest to help us count backwards from ten.”
  • May every day of the New Year bring a new opportunity for joy and laughter, warmth and love, and everything you desire.

Happy Lunar / Chinese New Year Messages

“I’m wishing you an early Happy Chinese New Year, which sounds much better than wishing you an extremely belated regular New Year.”
“Happy Chinese New Year to someone I’m pretty sure is Chinese.”
“May your fireworks help ward off evil spirits and not cause my dog to unleash his bowels all over my apartment.”
“Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year by comparing our adult children’s careers, income levels and marital statuses.”
Even though I won’t see you, happy new year.

One-liner Thank You Notes
One-liner Thank You Notes


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