How to Write a “Thank You for the Recommendation Letter” Note [Examples]

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How to thank a colleague, landlord, mentor, employer or other person of influence for their glowing letter of recommendation that helped you land that position or home, with a simple note of thanks.

Rules for Writing a Thank You for the Recommendation Letter Note

  1. Be brief. Show the recipient that you value their time by getting to the point.
  2. Be clear. Thank them for what they did, specifically, and describe what their letter means to you.
  3. Be polite. Keep a professional tone and respect the individual who took time out of their precious life to do something kind for you. Address and close the letter properly.
Feels good to be recommended by someone you hold in high esteem. Remember to thank them!

How to thank someone for their recommendation, in a professional setting, without appearing too casual?

The following examples should assist you in formulating your own thank you letters:

Handwritten Thank You to a Professor for Letter of Recommendation (Wording Example)

Dear Professor,

Thank you for taking the time to write on my behalf for my graduate school application. I appreciate your support and value your feedback. I will keep you updated about my progress in applying to graduate school. Thank you again for your assistance,



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Thank You to Landlord for the Tenant Reference Letter

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Dear Sophie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a letter recommending me as a tenant and vouching for my reliability and suitability as a tenant. I greatly appreciate your assistance in helping me secure a great home. I will keep you updated on my application progress.

Thanks again and kind regards,


Thank You Note for the Business Reference

Dear Ms. Shore:

Thank you for responding to the request for a reference from Freedom Central. Evidently, you did an excellent job in communicating with them, and your opinion was highly valued by that company; I began my new position as research assistant for Mr. Higgs almost immediately thereafter.

I still recall the excellent working relationship in your department and count my time at your company as an extremely beneficial experience that has enabled me to progress in my career.

Thank you again, and please write or phone if I can help you in any way.



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