169 Clean “Never Have I Ever” Questions for Kids That’ll Bring the Family Together on Games Night

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While not usually considered a family-friendly game, Never-Have-I-Ever is a great way to get to know your kids better and to have some quality good, clean fun with them at the same time.

If your mind needs a nudge in a clean direction, here are hundreds of kid-friendly never have I ever questions for you to get your games night off to a smashing start.

How to Play “Never Have I Ever”

Gather your family around and hand each person a pen and paper.

Next, you each write down some potential experiences you’ve never had, funny statements, or statements that could be funny if someone owns up to having done the act in question.

For example: “Never have I ever worn mismatched shoes to school.”

Somebody goes first. This person reads one of their “never have I ever…” statement (from their list).

The first person who says that they have done the action, gets to ask the next possibly embarrassing phrase. A better version of the game entails going around the circle and asking for more details from those who say they have done the thing announced. That’s where the juiciness and laughter lay.

Fun times! Let the laughs and learnings begin.

If you are looking for a fun game for getting to know co-workers and new friends better, try “Two Truths and a Lie.”

Family night games create lasting memories and secure family bonds.

Questions for Family-Friendly “Never Have I Ever” Game

Utilize this list of suggested “Never Have I Ever” questions as triggers for your own ideas. This game offers an effective way to get your kids to reveal some more things they normally might not volunteer about themselves and learn something new about each other in a fun, stress-free way.

It is also a great game for a birthday party or sleepover with friends. Beats calling up random phone numbers and getting in trouble!

Never have I ever…

  1. dropped my phone in the toilet.
  2. lost a piece of pizza or other food somewhere in my room.
  3. passed a note during class.
  4. done laundry on a Sunday.
  5. tripped in front of someone and pretended I was running.
  6. gotten on the wrong bus.
  7. sung the wrong lyrics to a song and somebody noticed.
  8. forgotten to wish my best friend a happy birthday.
  9. sang in the shower and thought it sounded amazing.
  10. secretly admired my sibling and never told them I’m proud of them.
  11. thrown out something important thinking it was garbage.
  12. hidden food in a napkin to take home from a buffet.
  13. made silly faces at someone and they caught me doing it.
  14. danced in front of a mirror.
  15. attached a loose tooth to a door knob via a piece of string to pull it out.
  16. fallen out of bed while sleeping.
  17. stuck my tongue to a frozen flagpole.
  18. cried over spilt milk.
  19. gone hunting or fishing.
  20. forgotten my wallet when I needed to pay for something.
The acoustics are amazing in there.

Questions For the Whole Family

Never have I ever…

  1. recorded a video of myself singing.
  2. had a crush on a sibling’s friend.
  3. caught a baseball at a professional baseball game.
  4. met a celebrity without knowing it.
  5. cried during/because of a commercial.
  6. practiced dancing in front of the mirror.
  7. gotten bangs.
  8. cut my own hair.
  9. shaved my head.
  10. watched TV while on the couch upside down.
  11. lip-synced and nailed the entry and ending.
  12. played Truth or Dare.
  13. used an outhouse.
  14. lost a library book then found it years later.
  15. worn pajamas to school.
  16. tried to contact my favourite celebrity.
  17. worn socks with holes in them.
  18. worn the same underwear three days in a row.
  19. broken a bone.
  20. spent all day playing video games.
  21. spent all weekend watching movies or TV.
  22. read an entire book in one day.
  23. said I didn’t like country music when really I do.
  24. hidden the remote.
  25. ridden my bike with no hands.
  26. stepped on a lego.
  27. fallen down the stairs.
  28. gone bungee-jumping.
  29. flown a kite I made myself.
  30. planted a garden.
  31. ridden a bike over 20 miles in one trip.
  32. painted and sold a piece of art.
  33. published a book.
  34. stood facing everyone in an elevator.
  35. gone running every morning for a week.
  36. made my own gratitude journal.
  37. made a birdhouse and a bird lived in it.
  38. driven a car without a license.
  39. thought the movie was better than the book.

Kid-Friendly ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions, Health-Related

Never have I ever…

  1. swallowed a bug, on purpose.
  2. swallowed a fly, accidentally.
  3. done 10 jumping jacks in a row.
  4. shaved my arm.
  5. picked my nose.
  6. had braces.
  7. donated blood plasma.
  8. donated an organ.
  9. passed gas in a room full of people.
  10. told the dentist I floss, but I don’t.
  11. eaten something I’ve picked up off the floor.
  12. forgotten to brush my teeth.
  13. done something nice for someone and not told them.
  14. lost a tooth and then lost the tooth.
  15. eaten dessert first.
  16. given my food to a homeless person.
  17. gone through a take-out window on a bicycle.
  18. camped in the backyard in a rain storm.
  19. drank a litre of water before breakfast.
  20. gotten stitches.
  21. stayed up all night to see the sunrise.
  22. eaten an entire container of ice cream in one sitting.

More Kid-Friendly Questions for ‘Never Have I Ever’

Never have I ever…

  1. fallen in a puddle.
  2. seen a double rainbow.
  3. hugged a tree.
  4. visited an elderly neighbour.
  5. fallen in a pool with my clothes on.
  6. found a four-leaf clover.
  7. gone for a run in the middle of the night.
  8. laughed so hard I peed my pants.
  9. helped someone cross the street.
  10. visited another country.
  11. gone vegetarian or vegan.
  12. pretended to like a gift someone had given me.
  13. driven a manual transmission.
  14. done push-ups to impress someone.
  15. forgotten about a test and had to study the day-of.
  16. had surgery.
  17. given someone else’s phone number to someone who asked for mine.
  18. hit a parked car.
  19. forgotten to say thanks.
  20. been dumpster diving.
  21. fallen in love with someone older.
  22. sent a text to a wrong number.
  23. left a voice message for the wrong number.
  24. punch someone.
  25. popped someone else’s pimple.
  26. nursed a baby bird.
  27. searched my own name on the Internet.
  28. been too scared to get out of bed to pee in the night.
  29. lost my phone when on vacation.
  30. regretted saying something mean.
  31. helped a stranger carry groceries.
  32. given a flower to a stranger.
  33. told your parents “I love you!”
  34. had a fight with my best friend.
  35. wiped my runny nose with my sleeve.
  36. gone to an event without showering.
  37. been chased by an animal.
  38. fallen on a pile of leaves.
  39. made an igloo.
  40. identified wild animal tracks.
  41. grown a garden and given away fruits and vegetables.
  42. been in an airplane.
  43. been in a helicopter.
  44. made dinner by myself.
  45. ordered take-out and pretended to make dinner from scratch.
dance in the rain!

Clean ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions

Never have I ever…

  1. received the highest mark in the class.
  2. been MVP of an athletics team.
  3. written a letter to thank someone.
  4. delivered newspapers.
  5. found a lost item and returned it.
  6. stolen something.
  7. hung laundry on a clothesline.
  8. forgotten the name of a good friend’s child.
  9. mispronounced a word while ordering at a restaurant.
  10. had a pet reptile.
  11. planned a surprise party for someone.
  12. spoiled a surprise for someone.
  13. fallen in love with a friend.
  14. travelled in an RV.
  15. played a piano recital.
  16. gone without a phone for at least a year since first owning a cell phone.
  17. sewn my own clothes.
  18. cut the neighbour’s lawn as a kindness.
  19. found a stray dog or cat and returned it to its owner.
  20. thought critically instead of mindlessly following the mass programming.
  21. given the last cookie to someone else.
  22. given a food server a $100 tip.
  23. been embarrassed by my parents.
  24. accidentally started a fire.
  25. used someone else’s toothbrush.
  26. missed an exam.
  27. failed a course and not told anyone.
  28. won a spelling bee.
  29. laughed out loud in a movie theatre when no one else laughed.
  30. shared a secret I had promised to keep.
  31. fallen asleep during class or at church.
  32. eavesdropped on a phone conversation.
  33. fallen out of a boat.
  34. eaten raw eggs.
feed the birds from your hand.

Never Have I Ever:

  1. fed a chipmunk from my hand.
  2. fed a bird from my hand.
  3. caught a fish and let it go.
  4. run outside naked.
  5. danced in the rain without an umbrella.
  6. forged a signature.
  7. picked up garbage in the neighbourhood and put it in a waste bin.
  8. made the new neighbours some fresh cookies or a pie.
  9. flown a helicopter.
  10. hitchhiked to the next town.
  11. watched a scary movie alone at night.
  12. had a crush on a teacher.
  13. landed a skateboard trick.
  14. won a cross-country race.
  15. written Santa a letter.


217 Never-Have-I-Ever Questions For Teens & Adults


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