157+ Sneaky ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ Ideas for Getting to Know People

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What’s an easy and fun game that doesn’t require any props, that you can play to get to know new people better? Two Truths and a Lie, the classic game that encourages one to develop the character defect of lying (or “telling stories”), is a prime choice for workplace bonding, icebreaker exercises, and casual family settings alike.

Usually I dread those “getting to know you” games for work: so much can go wrong. Will they judge you for your answers? Should you be honest or witty? Will you sound like you’re trying too hard? What if your answers are boring and predictable? Well, this game has some strategies that help lower your anxiety levels and increase your chances of stumping your opponents (frenemies and competitive co-workers alike).

Let the liars’ convention begin.

Below is a collection of Two Truths and a Lie ideas for formulating your own lies, as well as strategies for winning the game and claiming the dubious honour of most deceitful person in the room. Own it.

So How Does One Play Two Truths and a Lie?

First you need a small group of people, for interest and ease of play. The game is more effective when played with people whom you don’t know well, but it can be revelatory when played with close friends and family members. There is arguably no better game for starting a lot of fun conversations for getting to know your closest relatives you thought you knew. Maybe “Never Have I Ever” is a close second.

Convincing Two Truths and a Lie Ideas

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Family

1. I grew up in an RV.

2. My dad is from Texas.

3. I ran over the family dog.

4. I am the middle child.

5. I was in a music video.

6. My parents speak three languages.

7. My mom has her real estate license.

8. My dad has a twin.

9. My family goes to Las Vegas every year.

10. My family moved houses every 2-3 years when I was growing up.

11. I only have one cousin.

12. I had 3 cats growing up.

13. My mom and I have the same middle name.

14. I grew up across from a cemetery.

15. My family drove everywhere when we traveled – we never flew.

16. I shared a room with my sister/brother growing up.

17. My dad has my brother’s name tattooed on his arm.

18. My uncle taught me how to drive.

19. My parents sent me to boarding school.

20. I go to yoga class with my mom once a week.

21. I was the first person in my family to graduate high school.

22. There is a 2-year age gap between each of my mother’s children.

23. My immediate family live in the same state.

24. My mom doesn’t know what my major was in college.

25. I was born in New Mexico.

26. I’ve never owned a car.

27. I wear two different sizes of shoes on each foot.

28. I am the great grand nephew of Sigmund Freud.

“My high school yearbook quote contained lyrics from a classic rock band.”

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Food & Drink

1. I am allergic to corn products.

2. I prefer having my oatmeal without milk.

3. I hate anything vanilla.

4. I once won a pie-eating contest.

5. My first job was at a restaurant.

6. Jello makes me gag.

7. I’ve never had a beer.

8. I am a vegetarian.

9. I always order my hamburgers without buns.

10. I do intermittent fasting.

11. I’ve never tried prawns.

12. Chipotle is my favourite fast-food chain.

13. I’ve eaten a bug before, on purpose.

14. I can eat an entire gallon of ice cream in one sitting.

15. I eat a raw egg each morning in my smoothie.

16. I’ve never had authentic Chinese food.

17. I drink a litre of water every morning.

18. I love the smell of green curry.

19. I was raw vegan for 3 months.

20. My favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate.

21. I eat one meal a day.

22. I am addicted to caffeine.

23. My favourite dessert is apple sauce.

24. My favourite kind of pie is pumpkin.

25. I do not own a microwave oven.

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Accomplishments

1. I was valedictorian at my high school.

2. I was MVP in high school soccer.

3. I got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT.

4. I was on the news for swimming in a freezing cold lake.

5. I skipped a grade in middle school.

6. I’ve read over 500 books.

7. I own my home outright.

8. I went to trade school.

9. I took a gap year between high school and college.

10. I have a recommendation from the

11. I had a lead role in my high school’s musical.

12. I was a public speaking champion in high school.

13. I have zero debt.

14. I had a double major in university.

15. I know 4 computer programming languages.

16. I saved a kitten on the road.

17. I was voted most likely to write a book on calculus.

18. I’ve averaged reading one book each week since graduating.

19. I am still friends with my high school English teacher.

20. I have met two former Presidents of the USA.

21. I was given an award for the highest marks in the school.

22. I never missed a day of school in high school.

23. I can play piano and guitar.

“I’m a nice person once you stop trying to get to know me.”

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Skills

1. I can conjugate all the verbs in French.

2. I can do ten push-ups.

3. I ran a marathon once.

4. I can differentiate between toads and frogs.

5. I can hold my breath underwater for three minutes.

6. I know how to lie with statistics.

7. I can do 20 burpees in one minute.

8. I know how to change a tire.

9. I change the oil in my car.

10. I can drive manual transmission.

11. I’ve taken tennis lessons.

12. I’ve been a day trader for a year.

13. I studied etymology in college.

14. I joined a bowling league.

15. I can identify all the trees in Pennsylvania.

16. I have my drivers license.

17. I know how to knit a sweater.

18. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 25.

19. I was a life guard in California.

20. I have pitched a no-hitter.

21. I broke my college team’s record for home runs.

22. I haven’t been to a dentist in twenty years.

23. I can play the saxophone.

24. I can paint with oils.

25. I have published two children’s books.

26. I used to do improv in Vancouver.

27. I auditioned for CATS.

28. I speak 3 languages.

29. I use Linux instead of Windows.

30. I used to babysit celebrities’ kids.

31. I won a hot dog eating contest.

32. I threw up on a roller coaster.

33. I taught myself Latin.

34. I learned to read at 3 years of age.

35. I opened a cafe in Japan.

“I eat raw food because I don’t know how to cook.”

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Intriguing Lifestyle

1. I’ve climbed Everest.

2. I’ve swum with sharks.

3. I don’t have a Netflix account.

4. I don’t have any social media accounts.

5. I have a home in 4 countries.

6. I have never had surgery.

7. I do not have a TV.

8. I have a landline and no cell phone.

9. I take an epsom bath once a week.

10. I have never waxed anything.

11. I have no tattoos.

12. I drink non-fluoridated water only.

13. I go for a mile-long run before work each day.

14. I still sleep with a stuffed animal at night.

15. I have never been a bridesmaid.

16. I’ve been to a nude beach. Nude.

17. I drink water with sea salt and lemon in it.

18. I’m scared of spiders.

19. I only wear natural deodorant without aluminum.

20. I have flown an airplane.

21. I’ve never had a cavity.

22. I have back-country skied.

23. I called the market top.

24. I’ve asked someone to marry me.

25. I’m allergic to bee stings.

26. I’m addicted to wordle.

27. I subscribe to physical magazines.

28. I don’t use my phone or computer at all on weekends.

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas: Preferences (Hard to Argue With These!)

More Two Truths and a Lie examples you can choose as lies (or truths, if applicable!). When choosing lies, a good strategy is to opt for those that will be most convincing for you, knowing what your audience knows about you and expects.

1. My favourite day of the week is Thursday.

2. I love spicy food.

3. I use cash instead of credit cards on Fridays.

4. I like riding my bike to work.

5. My favourite place in the world is my Grandmother’s cottage.

6. When I was younger, my dream was to be a veternarian.

7. I’ve always wanted to try bungee jumping.

8. My favourite vacation was to Thailand.

9. I am training for a marathon.

10. I had a pet squirrel.

11. My blood is type O negative.

12. I am legally deaf in one ear.

13. I was born with a club foot.

14. I still have a cassette player.

15. I sing in the shower.

16. I grow my own food.

17. I never use public restrooms.

18. I have 4 fruit trees on my property.

19. I know I am incredibly superstitious.

Feel free to tweak and twerk all these Two Truths and a Lie ideas so that they work convincingly for you. Writing them down can help with a smoother delivery.

Don’t let this be you.

Pro Tips & Strategies for Winning at Two Truths and a Lie

This game is great fun if you are a good liar. For the rest of us, we need some solid strategies to help us fool the other players so it isn’t obvious which two statements are true and which one is a lie.

Know your audience. When it comes to telling truths, you’ll want to tell the truth in such a way that others think you’re lying even though you’re not… so if this group has pegged you as a jock, tell them you were the spelling bee champion (if you were), since others would not expect this of you.

Hope you have a ball playing! Next, you can write funny one-liner notes to thank friends for coming to your games night.


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