Thank You For Your Prayers: Acknowledge Well-Wishers

By Billie •  Updated: 07/24/21 •  5 min read

Whether you are going through a hard time, facing an illness, worried about a loved one, avoided a downfall or were spared from scary news, people are rooting for you. Some of those well-wishers likely sent you messages of support, or phoned to let you know you are on their mind and in their prayers.

Now that you have received their love in ethereal form, thank people for their thoughts and prayers with a written thank-you message.

“Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers”

For a standard expression of thanks, go with something tried and true:

One-Liner Quotes to say ‘Thanks for your prayers!’

While writing from the heart is the most meaningful and precious gift you can give in written form, sometimes a well-known phrase helps to set the tone of the card and focus your thank-you. If you have a blank card and the emptiness inside feels too intimidating to get started, feel free to use the words of another if they resonate with your thankful heart:

Thank You For the Comforting Note After Surgery

Dear Sylvia,

I enjoyed the card you sent while I was recovering from my surgery. At such times, the minutes drag and words from the outside are so welcome! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.



Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

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