Thank You Note for Customer Technical Support

Business Thank You Letter for Technical Support

thank you tech supportDear Vince,

I cannot thank you enough for the flawless technical support that you’ve given me over the last couple of months.

The slides that you created for the Glazton presentation were a big hit; and the multimedia extravaganza unfolded on cue with perfect precision. My colleagues were as impressed with me as I am with you. You also did a marvelous job researching the report (and I know that I didn’t always give you much to go on) and recommending exactly the appropriate graphics software for their preferences.

Without your help, I don’t think I could have met the short but urgent deadline. I feel much better knowing that I have such a valuable and capable resource a phone call away.




Thank You Note for an Honest Mechanic


I like to climb mountains, read Nietzsche, and explore the West Coast. I have a BA from York University and yet on this site I sometimes spell like an American (know your audience). Thank you. Thank you very much.

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