Etiquette: Helpful Hints for Writing Proper Thank-You Notes

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There is no trick to writing the perfect thank you – as there are many ways to write a personal note of appreciation. But there are a few etiquette guidelines to keep in mind.

Here’s the basic method for composing a proper thank you note, every time:

  1. Begin with a greeting.
  2. Express your gratitude sincerely.
  3. Let them know why their specific gift is appreciated by you.
  4. Inquire after the other person or share a little news (optional).
  5. Let them know you appreciate them one last time.
  6. Close the letter.

Find the rest in 10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You Note.

Now that you know how to structure your note, here are common mistakes to avoid and answers to FAQs about writing and sending thank-you notes.

Remember to write notes after you receive a nice gift, attend a dinner party or interview, or someone helps you in any way.

FAQs & Helpful Hints (from Rosalie Maggio, author of “How to Say It”)

Other Etiquette Tips for Thank-You Notes

(from Elizabeth Mayhew)

*** When you receive a gift from a number of givers, you must write to each person separately, unless of course the gift was from a family or a collective group of coworkers. In that case, you can address the givers collectively and request that your note be circulated or posted.

*** Sometimes a thank-you note is not enough. If a friend goes out of her way for you, or friends invite you to be their houseguest for the weekend, then you need to give more than a note.

(Think wine, giftcard, dinner, reciprocal arrangement.)

Key Takeaways & Things to Remember When Writing a Business Thank-You Note

The Lost Art of Etiquette and the Thank-You Note

Here is a video from youtube, all about the lost art of the Thank-You Note. I love the idea of having a Stationery Wardrobe. And a stationary wardrobe too; although, I think most of us have one of those already.

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