Thank Your Family and Friends for Food

How to Say “Thanks for the food!”

Creative Appreciation When You Don’t Have Money

Sometimes a card just isn’t quite appropriate. If you have a roommate who makes you dinner every Sunday night, or a grandmother who is thoughtfully sending you news clippings of developments in a field that is of interest to you, you might want to thank your angels in their language — appreciate them in action.

Show Your Roommate You Appreciate Their Dinner Efforts

For example, your roommate loves to cook for you. Consider gifting a bag of raw ingredients for them, or leave a bowl of fruit on the table, or a package of chocolate almonds for dessert.

Do you have a gift of expression in the dish-washing department? Then wash away.

Perhaps you enjoy flower-arranging. Arrange some nice flowers for the common areas to beautify the place and put a smile on the faces of your roommate and your friends.

A good mood breeds more good deeds.

How to Thank Your Family for Sunday Dinners

Does your grandmother appreciate your connection with her? Why not give her a call out of the blue, ask her about the birds she’s spotted at her feeder this week.

Send her a scrapbook of what your dreams and goals are. Shovel out her driveway or bring her some seeds for her garden. Just do something, anything, that shows you are thinking of her and that you appreciate her in your life.

You will be surprised at how the simplest gesture of appreciation from you means more than you know.

Food Thanks

Edible thank-yous are a practical and delicious way to say thanks. Everyone appreciates a homemade token of appreciation, yet keep in mind the individual’s likes and dislikes, allergies, diet constraints, etc.

Here are some creatively edible thanks ideas:

Send them a cake wrapped in ribbons or otherwise nicely presented, along with a note such as:

  • “You take the cake!”
  • “With you, I get to have my cake and eat it, too!”
  • “You are the icing on the cake!”
  • “Your help made this a piece of cake!”
  • “You’re my angel!” (attached this note to an angel food cake)

More sweet ideas:

Attach these notes to a basket of….

“To one smart cookie!” (cookies)

“I chews you any day!” (bubblegum)

“Thank you for using your noodle” (pasta care package)

“My heart-felt thanks” (heart-smart, healthy food choices)

“I’ve gained so much in knowing you… now it’s your turn!” (tons of snack foods and chocolate deliciousness-es)

“Thanks for getting me out of a jam” (jellies and jams with cheese and crackers)

“It’s bean a wonderful summer with you” (jelly beans, or coffee beans, or black beans….)

“I’d have gone nuts without you!” (assortment of nuts)

“To the sweet smell of your continued successes” (honey, sweets)

(I’m sure you can come up with more cheesy ideas….)

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