Thank-You Note Examples For a Business Favour

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This page contains an assortment of thank you note examples for a business settings: thank a company or hotel for a favour performed by a company with whom you do business, show appreciation for an award bestowed by your workplace, and give thanks for a complimentary service provided by a company or organization.

There is so much to appreciate at work.

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Dear George:

Just a note to say thank you so much for making my life easier today. I appreciate your willingness to change the date of my December 15th meeting so I could avoid the tension involved with such a tight travel schedule.

As I explained on the phone, I received a call from a major client who set up a meeting with all their senior executives and “requested” I attend to explain our programs on that same day (December 15). Although I was able to schedule a flight to return to Chicago at 5:15 p.m., the timing would have been too close for my comfort –- and I’m sure yours, as mediator in these negotiations. Thanks to you, I can now both meet with my client and negotiate for funds on behalf of KPGM.

I know that volunteer work in a professional organization can sometimes be a thankless job, so here’s a sincere “thanks” from a fellow member who means it!




For an Award:

Fellow NYPD Members:

Thank you so much for honouring me with the Member of the Year award. The leadership of our local chapter provides so many opportunities to serve the community and our professional industry group it was not difficult at all to get involved in several projects. I consider the time well-spent and a contribution to my own personal and professional growth.

I’m appreciative of your recognizing my work in this way and of having the opportunity to interact with such a group of dedicated colleagues.




Thank-You for Complimentary Service

Dear Mr. Siwash,

Last night, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Cru, compliments of your maître d’, Lyle Favreau. I wanted to express my appreciation for his graciousness and for your restaurant’s overall devotion to customer satisfaction.

Two weeks ago, during our anniversary dinner, we received the wrong order and then had to wait an additional half hour for our entrées. We didn’t complain (as longtime patrons, we’re willing to forgive an occasional off night), but Mr. Favreau nevertheless refused to let us pay and furthermore insisted we come back again, his treat, to enjoy, as he put it, “the kind of anniversary celebration you deserve.”

It is not uncommon, of course, for a restaurant to offer a free entrée or appetizer when there is a problem with the meal. That wasn’t enough for Mr. Favreau, though, and we were truly impressed and touched by his determination that we enjoy an exemplary dining experience.

I commend you for having the city’s best maître d’, and my husband and I look forward to many more memorable evenings at Cru.




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