For Baptism

Thank-You Note To Clergy for Baptism

thank you for performing baptism churchDear Minister O’Connell:

The baptismal ceremony in which you baptized our granddaughter, Eileen McCray, last week was both meaningful and inspiring. Thank you for making the beginning of my granddaughter’s walk with God such a memorable event for her and her family.

Your comments during the ceremony fully explained to all present the significance of such a symbolic act. I especially appreciate your time spent in visiting with Eileen both before and after the ceremony to help her understand fully that commitment as this time in her life. In keeping with your message, my husband and I will do our best to further her growth as she applier her knowledge of the scripture to her daily life.

When Eileen was born, we promised that we’d dedicate her to the Lord’s service, and we intend to continue with that commitment. We feel fortunate that our family has you as leader and counselor in our church and community.


Hank and Sue


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