7 Memorable Ways to Graciously Respond to a “Thank You” [Plus Email Reply Example]

If you are lucky enough to improve the quality of someone’s day or be of service to someone, chances are they will have given you a “thank you” — a polite phrase to express their appreciation.

You’re welcome is the standard response to a thank you, but it is not the only appropriate acknowledgment. My pleasure, anytime, or of course are other warm and expected responses to a thank you.

Learn what to say and how to respond to “thank you” in any situation.

If someone is saying thank you for your help in exchange for something you want, it makes sense to return their thank you with a “You’re welcome, and thank you, too!”

Best Verbal or Written Responses to a “Thank You”

1. You’re welcome

This is the expected and kind response to a thank you, meant to show the person that they are welcome to your goodwill and kind acts. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone were so kind.

2. But of course!

And in a wonderful world, everyone would be kind to each other as a matter of course.

3. It is my pleasure

It is a great soul who takes pleasure in performing small acts of kindness and in kind deeds unseen by others.

4. The pleasure is all mine

This is a further expression of the joy and richness felt by those who uplift others. Let others help you, otherwise you might deprive them of the opportunity to serve and to feel such joy. Which leads to…

5. Thanks for the opportunity to serve

Whenever you let someone help you, you create the opportunity for someone to let their true soul shine through.

6. Anytime!

This makes it clear to your loved ones that it was no trouble at all to lend a hand or be there for them. Some people like to say “Don’t mention it” or “It was nothing” or “No worries” but these responses belittle the benefit you offered and gives the impression that their request for help was a waste of time.

7. Happy to help

If you are happy to help, you don’t want or expect any recognition. The happiness is reward enough.

Say You’re Welcome Maui Style

Responses to a Thank You Via a Text Message

If someone wants to thank you over a text message, receive it graciously with the verbal suggestions above, or if the thanks was over something small, an emoji is sufficient: smiley face, thumbs up, etc. are appropriate.

Tips for Responding to a Thank You Email

There are many occasions on which someone might send a professional thank you email to someone else. For example, you might receive a thank you email from someone to:

How to answer a thank you email

Some guidance to follow when answering a professional thank you email:

  1. Respond quickly. Your reply will be short and sweet, so aim to reply within 24 hours.
  2. Return the appreciation. Expressing your own appreciation for the opportunity to work with the person in some capacity is professional and appropriate.
  3. Short messages have power. Don’t worry about writing several paragraphs in response; instead, reply to the email in a few quick sentences (unless the sender asked specific questions that require elucidation).
  4. Use a personable and professional tone. When you receive a professional thank you email, it’s important to respond using a professional tone. You don’t need to sound like a robot, however. Use a warm and personable tone while also maintaining a professional tone (avoid curse words and slang) to ensure your response is appropriate and well-received. A respectful email is appreciated.

Example of an email reply to a thank you email:

Dear John,

Thank you for your note, it was my pleasure to assist in the presentation of your research. You did a great job tying your research directly to our company’s goals, and I know my team was impressed with your findings. Let me know if I can help this fall on your next excursion to the Galapagos. Looking forward to the next installment,


One-liner Thank You Notes
One-liner Thank You Notes


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