Thanks Response Messages to Happy Birthday Wishes

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Thanks to automatic reminders on smartphones or a friendly reminder from a parent, we get tons more “Happy Birthday” wishes sent to our phones and social media profiles.

And when loved ones and acquaintances send you birthday wishes or attends your birthday party, it is increasingly common practice that you reciprocate by thanking them for their wishes. Or to send a heart emoticon acknowledgement, because that’s the simple and expedient thing to do these days…

If you are short of words to say thank you (because you want to send something more memorable and creative than the tried-and-true “Thank-you very much!”), we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to all for the awesome birthday wishes. It's not easy turning 25 for an entire decade, but I gladly accepted the challenge

Thank You for All The Birthday Wishes (Facebook Status Messages)

If you are fortunate enough to receive numerous well wishes via one platform — Facebook, for example, you might consider posting a single thank-you to save time and also to let other people know that it is in fact your birthday.

Thanks for the birthday wishes from everyone who noticed my name today in the upper right corner of your Facebook page

Some more some examples of thank-you response messages to happy birthday wishes:

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes (Individual Texts or Card)

Whether you are wished happy birthday on Facebook or some other social media platform, or perhaps in a personalized text or a thoughtful email, learn the proper etiquette for how to write thank you messages in response to happy birthday wishes.

These are also perfectly acceptable words to jot down in a thank you card for a birthday gift.

Funny Thank-You Messages For Happy Birthday Wishes

Some funny examples of thank-you responses to happy birthday wishes:

  1. “Thanks for all the birthday love! I’m pretty sure I’m officially the queen/king of aging now.”
  2. “Thank you for the birthday wishes! I’m grateful to have made it another year without completely losing my mind.”
  3. “Wow, so many birthday wishes! It’s almost like you all forgot how old I’m turning. Thanks anyway!”
  4. “Thank you for the birthday love, guys! I’m feeling older, wiser, and more exhausted than ever.”
  5. “Thanks for the birthday wishes, friends! I’m still trying to figure out when I became old enough to need anti-aging cream.”
  6. “Thank you for the birthday love! I’m officially one year closer to reaching my ultimate goal of becoming a crazy cat lady/man.”
  7. “Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! I’m happy to report that I still feel 21, but my knees tell a different story.”
  8. “Thank you for the birthday love! I’m excited to see what exciting new health problems this year has in store for me.”
  9. “Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! I’m just grateful I can still eat cake without my doctor yelling at me.”
  10. “Thank you for the birthday love! I’m proud to say that I’ve reached a new level of adulting by actually remembering to pay my bills on time.”

Thank-You Messages for Birthday Wishes During the Plan*Demic

Funny or Sarcastic Reply to Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Smart-Ass Responses to Someone Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Funny birthday thank you responses keep people on their toes and make the world a better place. A gift to the world on your birthday!

Funny Thank You Memes for Birthday Wishes

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will find you. And I will hug you.
I don’t always say thank you… but when I do, it’s for the birthday wishes.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Now let’s forget it ever happened so I can pretend to still be in my early 20’s this year.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I shall use them to go window shopping.
Thanks to all who posted birthday wishes to my Facebook page and making me look more popular than I really am.

Thanks to everyone for reading! Hope you found some suitable ideas.

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